Mario's Time Machine - Komplettlösung

von Seppatoni

Zeit Ereignis / Person / Ort Gegenstand Passwort Reihenfolge
80m B.C Steinzeit Ei S5DDFB 5
776 B.C. Erste Olympiade Fackel RGNC41 1
31 B.C. Kleopatra Thron D0BSBD 11
1192 Japan Schwert 5HBJVD 13
1520 Erste Weltumseglung Steuerrad 91DX?B 7
1602 William Shakespeare Feder und Tinte 90GXB9 9
1687 Newton Apfel R55CF3 3
1862 Abraham Lincoln Zylinder S1DD?B 6
1879 Thomas A. Edison Glühbirne R7NCCL 2
1903 Erstes Flugzeug Propeller DHBSVD 12
1905 Albert Einstein Formel E=mc² 5H?JVC 14
1947 Indiens Unabhängigkeit Indische Flagge 91GX?9 8
1969 Erste Mondlandung US-Flagge 90BXBD 10
1989 Fall der Berliner Mauer Vorschlaghammer R5DCFB 4

Die Quiz-Fragen

How long did the dinosaurs survive on Earth?
- 100 million years

In honor of what Greek god were the ancient Games held?
- Zeus

What Roman ruler restored Cleopatra to the throne?
- Julius Caesar

What Japanese term is "shogun" an abbrevation of?
- Barbarian-subduing general

Where did Magellan perish during his voyage?
- The Philippines

How many sonnets did Shakespeare write?
- Over 150

What form of mathematics did Newton invent?
- Calculus

Where does Abraham Lincoln's portrait appear?
- On a five dollar bill

What was Thomas Edison known as?
- Wizard of Menlo Park

How long did man's first flight last?
- 12 seconds

The formula E=mc² is based on energy, mass, and the speed of...
- Light

What does the title "Mahatma" mean?
- Great Soul

During what time was the Apollo program undertaken?
- During the 1960s

When was the Berlin Wall built?
- 1961